Milcentric Fashion blog

This blog is intended to be a source of design and firearms-industry related inspiration I find on the wild woolly interwubs.  Unfortunately I don't have anything original to offer right now as I'm in Missouri hunting with family.  So here is a link to Milcentric, a blog featuring fashion and kitch items inspired by military patterns and styles.  

The same blogger also runs a blog called Everyday No Days Off, which I will probably repost from more in the future.  ENDO also designs and sells some great t-shirt with firearms and politics themes.  I have the 'LIKE' facebook blue shirt, which is always a crowd favorite.


Artist with a Gun! Guest spot on podcast

I have always been told I had "a face for radio." Now I can proudly say I have indeed been on the airwaves.  Just last week I was asked to make a guest 'appearance' on episode 48 of the weekly Bar Stool Discussion live podcast via Gun Rights Radio Network.  Episodes typically consist of network owner Mark Vanderberg and fellow podcaster Doc Wesson discussing their recent experiences with guns, and the growing controversy that is firearms in the U.S. political realm.  We covered topics of guns in the media and the anti-gun movement in America

It wasn't until after  the show I really started to think about how controversial guns have become in America.  We live in a country founded and forged with gunpowder, without which the patriots would have never fed themselves, earned independence, and defended the land we call home.  Just think about how guns were seen as common tools two centuries ago.  Yet in the last few decades, so much misinformation, fear and stigma has increased throughout the nation regarding firearms.   The fortunate news is that in an almost parallel trend, the firearms community and the entire industry has also exploded in the same time.  The two are related, I reckon.

I foresee myself attempting to write more about the topic.  As a designer and communicator, I would very much like to analyze marketing trends in the firearm industry, and how we can help restore America's faith in personal armament through communication to the public, in forms such as media saturation and advertising.  Podcasting is such a great way for gun lovers to listen to other gun lovers, but there are unarmed and unfamiliar people in the population who should be reached.  Even disregarding politics, everyone should know how genuinely fun it is to poke holes in tin cans with small pieces of soft metals!